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Who is Mevlana?

Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi, a 13th century Turkish poet and thinker who is best known for his work, the Mesnevi. Rumi was born in the city of Konya and was heavily influenced by his father, Bahaeddin Veled, who was also a well-known scholar and thinker.

Rumi’s most famous work, the Mesnevi, is a long poem that is written in rhyme and meter. The poem is meant to guide people in their lives and encourage them to think about the world around them. It teaches that the world is transitory and that the true meaning of life is to serve God.

Rumi was also a strong advocate for love and tolerance among people. He believed that people should tap into the love that they have within themselves and use it to overcome conflict and misunderstanding.

Rumi’s work continues to inspire people today and is still considered an important source of wisdom and guidance. His message of love and tolerance remains as relevant today as it was in the 13th century.

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